We breed German Shepherd Dogs and raise puppies through senior adults in the United States from carefully selected European bloodlines, including those that came over in the late 70s and early '80s. Our foundation stock is from long lines of proven working dogs from some of the nicest kennels in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Our optimal temperament breeding goal is a clear-headed dog with balanced drives that adapts well in a variety of situations and circumstances. We cultivate a calm, resilient nature, good nerves, a high level of intelligence, and working ability in a healthy dog from health-tested lines. While we recognize that it is acceptable to breed DM carriers with dogs that have tested normal for the DM mutation, we are only breeding dogs that have tested normal for the gene. By doing this, we hope to breed out the DM mutation and monitor our dogs to see if any do, in fact, develop DM or a form of DM that is mutually exclusive from the tested mutation as identified in the German Shepherd. Our current fifteen year breeding program began in 2012 with the dogs we evaluated and selected to serve as our foundation dogs. From there, we expanded slowly, carefully introducing new blood into our lines and planning litters based on those combinations of genetics, pedigree, and performance.      

The art and science of breeding is far more complicated than just putting two seemingly good prospects together and hoping for the best.   Genetics, bloodlines, origins, form, and function all must be considered when contemplating a breeding between two German Shepherd Dogs.  

All breeding dogs (unless otherwise noted) are temperament-evaluated and health-screened for Dysplasia (PennHip and/or OFA), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), and other screens on request or as available.   As they say in finance - past performance is no guarantee of future results, which essentially sums it up that we are not God and we can only hope for positive, predictable, and progressively better outcomes from our breeding program.     

We hope will continue to be blessed with the success of breeding healthy, purposeful working dogs for utility, family, or both. 


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