April 30, 2014 - H and I Litter Assessments

Three of Sascha born St. Patty's Day all thriving.  Igor Albus, Isintrud and Ilsa.  Medium to high drives.  Steady appetites.  The two girls - sable and black and tan - are available from this litter, which will be ready to go home after mid-May.  

Horand (Randy), Helsinki (Inky), and Hella are available from our New Year's Eve 2013 Litter.  We are holding Heidi and Hekate back as we have held Tinker back from our G Litter.  DM testing is imminent for Hekate and Heidi.  Hektor is going for K9 training and life.  Mother Zoey is going for testing and first mate Shelby are going for additional testing in late May.  

Oskar Von Bergren and Samson Goodheart Wolff were both successfully placed - Oskar is going to live with a corrections officer in the K9 unit and Samson found love with the mother of one of our puppy clients.   

Happy is a warm puppy - Charles Schultz


Or three or six - Jacqui