We breed German Shepherd Dogs, and raise puppies through senior adults from carefully selected bloodlines. Our foundation stock is from long lines of proven working dogs predominantly from the best kennels in Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and The Netherlands.   Our optimal temperament breeding goal is a clear-headed dog with balanced drives that adapts well in a variety of situations and circumstances.   We cultivate a calm, resilient nature, good nerves, a high level of intelligence and working ability in a healthy dog from health-tested lines.   While we recognize that it is acceptable to breed DM carriers with dogs that have tested normal for the DM mutation, we are only breeding dogs that have tested normal for the gene.  By doing this, we hope to breed out the DM mutation and monitor our dogs to see if any do, in fact, develop DM or a form of DM that is mutually exclusive from the tested mutation as it exists in the German Shepherd.       

All breeding dogs are temperament-evaluated and health-screened for Dysplasia (PennHip and/or OFA), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), and other screens on request or as available.   However, as they say in the financial world, past performance is no guarantee of future results.   

The art and science of breeding is far more complicated than just putting two seemingly good prospects together and hoping for the best.   The noted founder of the German Shepherd Dog breed, Captain Max Von Stephanitz, devoted much of his life to intensively developing the breed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.   His book on the German Shepherd Dog is 700-plus pages of detailed, esoteric history, illustrations, analyses and commentary on the development of the German Shepherd Dog.   Genetics, bloodlines, origins, form and function all must be considered when contemplating a breeding between two German Shepherd Dogs.  That the inception of the breed was distilled from a universe of less than 50 dogs creates even greater responsibility to control the replication of undesirable traits precipitated by a limited gene pool.  

We keep detailed, historic information on our dogs and their lines for 5-7 generations or more.  We solicit feedback from our clients on temperament, health and longevity.  Educational seminars providing the most cutting edge breeding and genetic information, and  continuous learning  and collaboration are the foundations of our ever-growing universe of intelligence on the German Shepherd.   Our current program is a fifteen year breeding program which we hope will continue to be blessed with the success of breeding healthy, purposeful working dogs for utility, family or both. 


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